Radar Party!!!

imageAs I clicked on the Weather Channel app on my iPad, my excitement level began to surge.  “Where is it NOW?”  “When will it be HERE?”  There had been a line “popping up along Highway 44,” as my favorite local Meteorologist likes to phrase it, since early afternoon.  It was now about 3:30 and I was ready.  To be honest my game had begun the night before when said Meteorologist said we could expect them in the afternoon.

Simply put:  I love storms.  Always have.  In college a buddy of mine, Pete, and I would call each other when the local radar in Springfield, Missouri had all green on local radar maps.  We’d yell at each other, “WE’RE SO SCREWED!!!”  As a kid it was my job to have a flashlight in hand at the ready for evening storms that were viewable “over Kim’s house” when we lived in Fairfax, Va.

Now, with my wife not too excited about storms, I have to keep it all in now.  It’s like a kid being excited on Christmas morning…in the Gaza Strip.  I’ve told my kids what we will need to do should the sirens come on.  “Kids, we will CALMLY go downstairs, play games and eat snacks.” They remind me that we haven’t had to do it lately, so it might just be time for another drill.  It’s been dry here for about a month…since I installed a somewhat elaborate drainage system in my kid’s swing set area, (that’s just how that works, isn’t it?) so I’m ready…and waiting.


About Alex Foushee

Married with two kiddos, live in St. Louis, MO. Trying to love, provide, and do what is right for my family.
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